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Pre-concert talk at 1:30 in the concert space


Though first performed 295 years ago, the intense drama of J. S. Bach’s St. John Passion poses profound questions for our own time, questions as difficult today as three centuries ago. Who is responsible when mob mentality threatens? How are we ultimately accountable for our actions or inaction? Who gets to claim the moral “high ground”, and to whom is allegiance owed? While remaining faithful to the intentions, language, and inherited practices of J. S. Bach, Fresno Master Chorale highlights in this presentation themes that resonate with us today, not least being Pilate's question, “What is truth?”


Lean and taut, this performance is based on the last of four versions from Bach's day. To enhance its timeliness, this concert includes some staging. In the same season as their triumphant contribution to the powerful and rarely performed “War Requiem” with the Fresno Philharmonic last November, Fresno Master Chorale brings to life this vivid work that has not been performed in Fresno in half a century.




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