Fresno Master Chorale

Ranging in membership from 150 to 170 singers, the Fresno Master Chorale is organized around the study and performance of choral literature appropriate for the large, symphonic choir. In addition to performing regularly with the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra, the Master Chorale typically mounts two choral-orchestral concerts each season. Interested singers should contact Artistic Director Anna Hamre to set up an audition.

Coro Piccolo

Members of the select ensemble Coro Piccolo are chosen from the ranks of the Fresno Master Chorale. In addition to performing as a soli group with the Master Chorale, Coro Piccolo presents its own concerts, including the “And Suddenly with the Angels” holiday events at St. Anne’s Chapel. Audition requirements include exceptional music-reading skills and excellent vocal-blending qualities.

Coro Solare

Coro Solare is a daytime, non-auditioned ensemble open to anyone, regardless of background or musical expertise. Committed to rehearsals and performances that occur only during daylight hours, the ensemble is particularly designed to address the interests of seniors in the Central Valley. Coro Solare performs with professional instrumentalists twice a year. This ensemble also conducts outreach concerts in elementary schools and retirement communities.


The Quintus male ensemble performs with the Master Chorale and also sings as an independent quintet. Its goal is to provide support for young singers in the early years of their professional musical careers. Quintus is available for hire to enrich participant experience at events and parties.


The newest addition to the standing ensembles of Fresno Community Chorus, Inc., the female quintet Altissima made its debut in May 2022. Performing with the Master Chorale as well as singing as an independent ensemble, its goal matches that of the Quintus ensemble, supporting young singers early in their professional careers.

In addition to the standing ensembles, additional voices are called upon to fulfill the artistic need for special performances. Coro Vox Aeterna and Fresno Coro Vox Aeterna have performed with international star Isabel Bayrakdarian, singing in both in Armenian and German. Coro Stetsenko was assembled to present the Ukrainian requiem Panakhyda, and the members who made up the tour to Poland in the summer of 2019 comprised Coro San Joaquin.