Mission Statement

The singers of the ensembles of Fresno Community Chorus, Inc. are musicians as diverse as the community they represent, joined together to more completely understand and perform great choral literature from masterworks of previous centuries to contemporary works. Our goal is to provide the best possible musical experience for our members and to present performances of the highest quality to our audiences. We seek to partner with other arts and service organizations in California’s Central Valley when the presentation of compatible themes can enrich, enlarge, and engage our shared audiences. Fresno Community Chorus remains committed to the goal of “Giving Voice to the Central Valley.” 

Racial Equity Statement

In recognition of the racial and ethnic history of the Central San Joaquin Valley, and the universality of song in all cultures, Fresno Community Chorus, Inc. pledges that all communities of color will be authentically included in shaping our work and fulfilling our mission. We pledge to work with and not for communities of color in “giving voice to the Valley.” The singers and board members of the ensembles of Fresno Community Chorus, Inc. commit to always seek awareness and progress in fostering and maintaining racial equity from within through our rehearsal and administrative environment, and from without through our concert and event programming and media presence. We strive to create and maintain an inclusive artistic environment and endeavor to engender continual awareness that the conscious practice of equity, inclusion, and diversity is an active process in all we do.